Mix & Master.

We know that you have rehearsed hundreds of hours to perfect your music, now let us give you a hand to make it sound amazing.

During the Mixing, the sonic identity of the song is developed with the help of an expert Engineer. At the same time, the levels of every element in the production are analyzed and balanced.

On the other hand, the Mastering process brings uniformity to the final sound and guarantees the correct reproduction of the material in most of the musical consumption formats.

We will be happy to work with your singles, EP’s and LP’s.

We offer:

  • Full Mix (Stem Mix).

  • Stereo Mastering (Main Mix).

  • Stem Mastering.


A sample of our Roster’s work:



Ghost Featuring. Frank “El Médico”

We know that quality goes beyond borders, that’s why we have invited Franklin Rodriguez as a guest collaborator.

His work on the Mix & Mastering fields has been recognized with numerous Grammy Nominations and Awards, as well as multiple Gold and Platinum certifications.

Check out some of Frank’s Work →